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Welcome to Blend Space Design — a template evaluation & creation, training, and workflow consulting company. As an Adobe InDesign Certified Instructor & Expert, I am committed to increasing your productivity and efficiency with your design production process.

"Jonathan can pull off a trick seldom seen in software training: He makes it fun!"

David Blatner

David Blatner is the co-founder of the Creative Publishing Network,
InDesign Magazine and the author or co-author of 15 books,
including Real World InDesign.

“I served as a “floater” to help Jonathan with any attendee questions at two InDesign training sessions that he ran for our local marketing professionals—one for beginners and the other for advanced users. I was impressed with his ability to easily and effectively adapt his training style to both levels of expertise. Everyone left Jonathan’s training sessions with the tools and immediately-useful tips and tricks needed to properly and efficiently work in InDesign. If you’re looking for an InDesign expert who is engaging, personable, and will speak your language and ability level, I recommend Jonathan without hesitation!

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Making Magic: Design & Publishing

Did you know that for most people who aren’t in the design and publishing industry, what we do is magic? In fact, the foundation of magic (yes, magicians) and design often overlap. The concepts, theory and application used to create unfathomable theatrical mysteries can also be used to elevate your design and production process.

Rediscover the magic of design and publishing in this captivating presentation from the rarest of breeds: professional magician Jonathan Levit is also a seasoned InDesign pro. Jonathan will describe his philosophy of always being ahead of the game to enhance your production workflow, achieving more consistency  within your documents while building those documents more efficiently.

He’ll perform a few fascinating feats of magic and production — presti-design-itation. Mystery, laughs and inspiration await!

I recently had the honor of presenting the keynote presentation at PePcon - one of the industries most prestigious conferences, focusing on print and digital publishing. Read the description of my talk, below.

PePcon: The Print + ePublishing Conference®

San Diego, CA

June 5 - 8, 2016



"Jonathan's ability to connect with the audience on both a personal and professional level is amazing."

—David Blatner

A group of 10 or 1000 — Jonathan Levit will bring an impactful and energized presentation to your group.

In addition to his 26 years in publishing and design, Jonathan has been a performing magician for 36 years. He combines his mastery of the stage with his mastery of his work in the design & production field to create a memorable, thought provoking and inspiring experience for your team.

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“In his teaching forum, Jonathan demonstrated a marvelous mix of professionalism, a dynamic knowledge base of Adobe InDesign and a friendly, patient approachability that made his class fun and engaging throughout.”

— Joseph LaBrash, Graphic Designer, West Marine, Inc.


To name just a few...

"I feel like you've given me years of my life back!"

Is Your Brand Important to You?

If the answer is "yes", then we need to talk.

Let's face it, your brand is everything. You've put time and money into building your brand. Your brand is spread through your marketing materials and products — this is where most companies falter when showing off their brand. Valuable time and money is wasted in the production process of your print and digital collateral and products, all while lessening your brand.

Increase Productivity. Connect With Your Customer.

Impactful design raises the emotional reaction in your audience. This emotion creates a connection between your customers and you. This emotion helps to create a lasting memory of your business for your customer.

Impactful design must be followed with attentive and responsive production of your materials. Neglectful production can create a negative response and sever the connection between you and your customer — lessening your brand. Quite simply, ignoring the details within your production process communicates to your customer that you simply don't care.

"But, our designers are top notch."

Yes, they are. You have a fantastic team. However, great design may begin with a beautiful aesthetic, but it must be followed through with strong production in your templates and documents.

Templates and documents that are poorly made (and most are) don't allow your production team to adhere to the design rules that have been established within your brand. They are built inefficiently, causing your team to waste countless hours editing existing documents and creating new documents.

I will save you time and money.

I will build your templates faster and more efficiently allowing you to design and produce your materials more effectively down the road and save you time and money.

The perfect templates and documents are not only about how they look, it is about how they are built. They should fully harness the power of Adobe InDesign and your other tools within your workflow, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, to maximize your time and efficiency and minimize your expense.

I am an efficiency expert. I know how to create documents and templates that will enable you to get your job done in minutes instead of days.

I will do an assessment of your project and will create a document or template that targets your specific needs. This can be followed up with customized training for your team to help them achieve the maximum benefit from working within these documents.

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to set up a consultation.


With over 25 years experience in the desktop publishing and graphic design industries, and as an Adobe Certified Instructor and Expert in InDesign Jonathan Levit is a highly sought after trainer and consultant.

His goal is to improve the production and creative process for companies and individuals. His expertise is matched by his ability to communicate in depth knowledge and concepts in a way that is easily understood and is presented in an engaging and dynamic environment.

Working within the print and digital publishing world,  Jonathan provides template development and creation, training, and consulting services. Integrating real world experience, he has improved the workflow, production, and creative departments for a variety of clients including the top magazines, advertising agencies, newspapers, and in-house creative and marketing departments in the world. Some of Jonathan’s clients include Warner Brothers, Ogilvy & Mather, Boeing, Time Warner, The L.A. Times, Disney and UCLA.


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